Sunday, May 31, 2009


Instead of having a Jack-in-the-box, we have a Jayda-in-the-box. She had so much fun playing in this box. If I would have known I could amuse her with boxes and wrappers I would save myself so much money.

Hmmmmm....what am I supposed to do with this box?

I guess I'm supposed to try and get out. Hmmmm...How am I going to do that?

I stood what?

Reach for Daddy. He'll get me out of this thing. I love you Daddy!

Friday, May 22, 2009


We took the kids camping a few weeks ago. We had a blast. Grandma was there and the weather was perfect. What more can you ask for? We went to Roosevelt lake and took the boat. It was pretty windy on Saturday but I stilled braved the cold water and attempted to ski. Unfortunately, it was so windy I couldn't get up on ski's. However, on Sunday I did get the opportunity to get the rusty legs working again. We had so much fun.

Grandma and mom hanging out with one of the brat dogs. We had 5 dogs all together while we camped. Boy was that an experience.

The kids just loved sitting around the fire. It was a little warm but you have to eat marshmallows when you go camping.

Jayda thought she was such a big girl sitting in the camp chair. She just hung out all day. She loved being outdoors and was such a good baby all weekend. She loved being on the boat. It lulled her to sleep several times. Who would've thought?